Much Ado About Nothing – Lighting Design

Much Ado About Nothing
by William Shakespeare

The University of Southern Mississippi
April 11-14, 2019

Director Monica Hayes
Scenic Design Lindsey N. Kelley
Lighting Design Tiffany Nabors
Sound Design Alexis Bowen
Costume Design Erin Jester
Technical Director Lindsey N. Kelley

Photos by Kelly Dunn and Tiffany Nabors

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare is a story about love, deception, and the celebration of femininity. Our production sought to bring this classic Shakespeare tale into modernity by emphasizing the female characters’ personal agency to be whatever kind of woman they chose. Hero’s idea of femininity influences her desire to be courted, married to a prince, and live happily ever after. Beatrice refuses to submit to society’s pressure to be married until she decides the time is right for her. Our design concept emphasized visible understructures to allude to the idea of deconstructing society’s idea of traditional femininity. We used bright colors and soft elements to contrast with the hard lines of the steel structures. My lighting design used texture and color to demonstrate location and time of day. Rather than trying to mitigate the shadows caused by the scenic elements, I embraced them as texture to add more visual interest to the scenes.