Galileo – Sound Design

by Bertolt Brecht

November 9-19, 2017

Director Lou Rackoff
Scenic Design Stephen Judd
Lighting Design Craig Dettman
Sound Design Tiffany Nabors
Costume Design Abby Kiker
Technical Director John Keisling

Photos by Kelly Dunn

Galileo by Bertolt Brecht is a story of pursuing truth, and the consequences of such knowledge. This is an issue for us as well as for Galileo, so the team chose a production style that combined historical with contemporary sensibilities. The music I selected utilized varying periods to track Galileo’s struggle as he is caught between two imperatives: speaking the truth or survival. As Galileo makes progress in the realm of astronomy, the music becomes more modern. As religious control dominates the discussion, the music shifts toward period. Modern music reflects modernity, change and progress; period music reflects status quo, staying the same. The predominant use of stringed instruments and absence of piano in both styles maintains cohesion between pieces of distinct eras. Through my sound design, I hoped to foster a connection between Galileo and the audience, encouraging them to see him as not just a historical figure, but as an engaging and sympathetic human.